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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

is a decongestive therapy that stimulates and accelerates the pumping of vessels of the lymphatic system.

Detoxify your body

With manual lymphatic drainage, your body will detoxify and your pain may be eased. This soothing treatment will leave you refreshed, relaxed, and with diminished pain symptoms.

  • MLD pulls metabolic wastes, excess wastes, excess water, bacteria large protein molecules and foreign substances from the tissues.
  • MLD reduces pain by minimizing neurological pain signals to the brain.
  • MLD relaxes the sympathetic nervous system, thus helping to relieve stress
  • MLD supports and enhances the action of the immune system
  • MLD helps the body to heal more quickly from injuries, surgical trauma, chronic conditions and edema
  • MLD helps to minimize scar formation. Refines and reduces scar tissue while restoring normal lymph flow. Lymphatic vessels have been shown to reconnect through scars after a series of MLD treatments.
  • TS/TG friendly


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Anita Kysor – RN, BA, CPE, LE, LMT
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